Fly Security


Fly Security make a significant and ongoing investment in the selection, induction and training of our staff. We do this in order to maintain a high standard of compliance, customer service, and also to provide a safe and supportive working environment for our staff.

We take the safety and security of our employees and clients seriously and seek at all times to build teams that show personal initiative, take responsibility, and put safety first. Through a policy of risk minimisation and risk avoidance, appropriate training and careful selection, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff as they carry out their duties.

All Security Officers employed by Fly Security meet and pass the criteria as instructed by the Office of the Victorian Police Commissioner and are screened and reference checked and must pass a medical examination to ensure their suitability for the duties they are expected to perform. All staff employed by Fly Security are fully licensed under the Security Industry Act with all staff also holding senior first aid qualifications. All security staff employed by our Security Officers display their security license whilst performing their security functions, as required by law.

All security officers, as a minimum, are trained in the following areas:

• Patrol surveillance
• Prevention of property damage
• Response to disturbance/emergency situations
• Cash protection
• Cash in Transit procedures
• Senior First Aid
• Entry and exit screening procedures
• Traffic and car park entry control
• Enforcement of standing orders and by-laws as specific to individual sites
• Occupational Health & Safety
• Fire Safety Awareness
• Safe Handling and disposing of syringes
• Identification checking procedures and detection of fake identification
• Armed hold-up survival
• Defensive tactics
• General security procedures
• Control Room Operations
• Incident recording and reporting
• Radio and communications procedures
• Police liaison duties
• Public relations principals
• Defensive driving
• Confrontation management
• Conflict resolution
• Negotiation skills
• Effective communication skills